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65,000 residents don’t have the necessities in their local community to care for their pets. Let’s change that.

We need your help to move in to the neighborhood we love. Be part of our exciting journey and our historic move to our service area. You have taken us so far, now bring us home.


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Beyond Rescue

Our goal

Imagine waking up and having to choose between food for your pet or food for yourself. How about having the money to pay for your pet food, but no transportation to get you to the nearest pet supply store? This is the reality for many residents in East St. Louis and surrounding areas. At Gateway Pet Guardians, we strive to eliminate decisions like this by providing the resources necessary to care for pets, so residents can better care for both themselves and their animals.

East St. Louis is what we call a ‘resource desert’, with no veterinary clinics and few pet supply or grocery stores available to obtain pet food. Even if residents are financially able to care for their pets, there are few resources within the community on which they can rely.


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4 available
  • Gym/Event Space
  • Public Clinic Wing
  • Intake, Hold and Medical Wing
  • Adoption Floor

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