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Give monthly. Become a Giving Guardian.

When you become a Giving Guardian by signing up to make monthly donations, you’re providing gifts that can be used by animals in their hours of need. Giving Guardians are special members of Gateway Pet Guardians because your gifts provide the critical and reliable funds we need to save lives in our community. Your monthly gifts mean we do not hesitate to step up to help a pet when the need arises. Help animals all year round by making a monthly gift today.

your gift

$500 ($6,000 yearly)
Provides pet food for our community pet food pantry for ½ of the year.

$100 ($1,200 yearly)
Gives a pet life saving, emergency surgery.

$50 ($600 yearly)
Saves a puppy from parvo.

$25 ($300 yearly)
Saves and treats one heartworm positive dog.

$10 ($120 yearly)
Provides basic medical care for one cat or dog, including spay/neuter and vaccines.


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