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Healthy Pet Clinic

Healthy Pet Clinic

Equitable access to veterinary care is something every community needs to ensure happy, healthy pets and their people. With the Gateway Pet Guardians Healthy Pet Clinic everyone has the opportunity to receive low-cost vaccines, basic testing and lifesaving preventatives.

Please note that Gateway Pet Guardians Healthy Pet Clinic is not a full-service veterinary clinic. This means that we provide preventative care and treatment for a limited number of conditions. Our services are outlined below. If you need a full-service veterinarian, we can provide you with a list of trusted partners in our area.

Our public Healthy Pet Clinic is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-6 pm by appointment. To schedule an appointment, call (618) 687-8007 ext. 1.

Clinic Services

Dog Services Price Cat Services Price
Office Visit (waived for altered pets) $10 Office Visit (waived for altered pets) $10
Canine Distemper/Parvo Combo Vaccine $15 FVRCP Vaccine $15
Bordatella Vaccine $10 Feline Leukemia Vaccine $15
Rabies 1-Year Vaccine $15 Rabies Vaccine $15
Heartworm Test $15 Microchip $20
Microchip $20 FELV/FIV Test $20
Flea Preventative $10 Flea Preventative $10
Heartworm Preventative (6 months) $40 Capstar Instant Flea Treatment $10
Heartworm Preventative (12 months) $70 Deworming $10
Capstar Instant Flea Treatment $10 Anal Gland Expression $10
Deworming $10 Nail Trim $7
Anal Gland Expression $10
Nail Trim $7
Drive-Through Vaccines Only (Rabies + Distemper Parvo) $30 Drive-Through Vaccines Only (Rabies + FVRCP) $30
Annual Package: DAPP, Rabies, HW Test, Deworming $55 Annual Package: FVRCP, Rabies, Deworming $40
New Dog Package (4 Months and Older): DAPP, Rabies, HW Test, Deworming, Microchip $75 New Cat Package (4 Months and Older): FVRCP, Rabies, FELV/FIV Test, Deworming, Microchip $80
Puppy Package (4 Months and Younger): DAPP, Deworming, Microchip $45 Kitten Package (4 Months and Younger): FVRCP, FELV/FIV Test, Deworming, Microchip $65

Low-Cost Drive-Through Vaccine Clinics

To support pet owners through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering multiple low-cost drive-through clinics on select Saturdays for basic vaccines. These events are first come, first served and no appointment needed. Those participating must arrive in a vehicle, wear a mask covering nose and mouth and practice social distancing. Pricing for these clinics:

  • DHPP or FVRCP $15
  • Rabies $15
  • Flea Meds $10/dose

View our calendar for drive-through clinic dates.

Drive-Through Clinics

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