Adoptable Cats


So you’re ready to adopt—great! When you choose to adopt your next kitty from Gateway Pet Guardians, you are giving a deserving pet a a much-needed place to call their own. You’re also supporting our mission to find more homes for more pets and making the East St. Louis community a safer and happier place for all of its residents, both two-legged and four-legged.

With over 100 dogs and cats available for adoption at any time, your pur-fect feline friend is ready to come home with you. Fill out the adoption application to begin meeting potential matches. Get started below or contact us if you have questions!

Cats under 6 months old


Cats over 6 months old


*All cats and kittens are buy one, get one half-off



Be another success story.

Adopting a cat is a wonderful thing, but in order to give a cat their forever home, you’ll want to make sure you’re a good fit and your home is prepared to accommodate your new family member. Our team of knowledgeable pet lovers are here to assist you throughout the entire adoption process and ensure that you become another Gateway Pets success story.

Your kitten will be up-to-date with age appropriate vaccines at the time of adoption. Based on the age of your pet, they might still need additional vaccinations after adoption . We recommend establishing a care with a personal veterinarian as soon as possible .

At the time of spay/neuter we can booster any age appropriate vaccines that are not up to date at that time .
We do not set up appointments for additional vetting services. 

If you have any questions please email vetting@gatewaypets.org or call 618-687-8007 ext. 1 and leave a  message.  

Housing Requirements


It is important that you review your lease and/or speak with your landlord prior to adopting a pet. Many landlords have restrictions on whether you can own pets, how many pets you can own and the type of pets allowed (including size and breed). Many landlords discriminate against Pit Bull type dogs and many of our dogs fall into that very generic category. We expect that you are taking ownership for verifying the pet policy for your rental situation prior to adoption.


Unfortunately, some local municipalities have breed specific legislation (BSL) rules that say that residents in those communities are not allowed to own Pit Bull type dogs (many of our dogs fall into that very generic category) or other breeds. Here are a couple of resources to see which municipalities still have these outdated laws: