Lost/Found Pets

Current Found Pets

Most stray animals are just lost.

Help them return home by following these steps. Picking up a stray pet is a commitment. It might take several days to find an owner. Please plan accordingly, as shelters do not always have immediate space.

  • Check for a license or ID tag.
  • Knock on doors in the neighborhood to see if anyone is missing their pet.
  • Walk the pet around the neighborhood you found it in.
  • Scan the dog for a microchip at your nearest shelter or veterinarian.
  • Notify authorities to report the found dog. Call local police (non-emergency line), animal control, and local rescues.
  • Create “found dog” flyers to post them around the neighborhood. Note any distinguishing marks and whether pet is spayed/neutered.
  • Post the dog on Craigslist, Nextdoor, Facebook, and lost pet sites.

If you have lost or found a stray pet in St. Clair County, please complete the St. Clair County Lost/Found Pet Form. If the pet was lost or found within the zip codes 62201, 62203, 62204, 62205, 62206, or 62207, contact us for assistance at (618) 687-8007, ext. 6.

The following lost/found pet sites are also available to help you search for a lost pet or reunite a found pet with its family:

In an effort to help reunite lost and found pets with their owners, Gateway Pets has partnered with Petco Love Lost, a facial recognition site. With just one simple photo upload of a missing dog or cat, Petco Love Lost immediately scans the image using the latest facial recognition technology to determine whether there is a match at a participating shelter or with a neighbor in the community. The search is free of charge and can be completed in less than a minute. We recommend creating an account and uploading your pet’s picture to the site before your pet goes missing. In the event that he or she should go missing, this provides additional assistance in finding your pet. Area shelters can upload photos of found pets and help match them if you report your pet missing!