We go Beyond Rescue. Our mission is to keep families together and prevent owned pets from entering an already crowded shelter system by reimagining what animal rescue really means. We believe everyone deserves the love of a pet, regardless of zip code, income, employment-status or housing-type. We go above and beyond to ensure equitable access to resources so that no one in our community has to make the impossible choice to give up their beloved pet.


Provide affordable, accessible, quality pet resources and champion a thriving pet welfare community to the over 55,000 people who live in the East Side Pet District – East St. Louis, Cahokia Heights, Washington Park and Fairmont City.


We strive to create a community of healthy pets and empowered pet owners by investing in people and communities. By building capacity for animal advocates in our own neighborhood, we increase animal well-being across the East Side Pet District and beyond. 


  1. Provide judgment-free, equitable access to pet resources.
  2. Facilitate adoptions, progressive programming, and collaborative partnerships.
  3. Remove barriers to pet ownership.

By removing barriers to foster and adoption and providing an infusion of resources such as affordable, quality veterinary care and pet supplies, we unleash the power of partnership!