Beyond Rescue

We are leading the animal welfare industry by investing in people and communities to end the cycle of animal homelessness. By building capacity for animal advocates in our own neighborhood, we increase animal well-being across the East Side Pet District and beyond. We are proudly located in East St. Louis, joining an already robust community of pet lovers. By removing barriers to foster and adoption, and providing an infusion of resources such as affordable, quality veterinary care and pet supplies – we unleash the power of partnership!


Sponsors Needed!

We are excited to partner with you on this revived event, as your support is more important now than ever before. The nation is facing a crisis of overfilled shelters, and pet owners are struggling to pay for basic care.

Your sponsorship will not only ensure a successful event, but that GPG can continue to provide vital resources such as a low-cost veterinary clinic, pet food pantry, affordable retail store, and community outreach.

Rescuing Animals

Bringing pets and people together

Community outreach

Keeping pets and people together.

Spay & Neuter

Ending the cycle of animal homelessness.

Healthy Pets

Providing equitable access to vet care.

Keeping Pets and People Together. This philosophy guided us to open the largest Pet Resource Center in the region (54,000 square feet) that includes an affordable veterinary clinic, pet supply retail store and grooming spa. For much of our building’s life, it was a school – Miles Davis Elementary.

Prior to our purchase in 2019, it stood vacant in an area with limited pet resources available. Today, it provides a lifesaving operation for animals in need and a reliable destination for community members to care for their pets, including access to a free pet food pantry and free spay/neuter program.

Help make a difference by volunteering.

Moving on up – another record breaking year!

Affordable, quality vet care to keep pets happy and healthy.

Low-cost, professional grooming services now available.