Gateway Pet Guardians

Welcome Center

This page is for Gateway Pet Guardians staff and volunteers that work the Welcome Center. The links below are utilized on a regular basis.

Stray Report
Owner Surrender
Owner Surrender

This report is to be completed for any pets lost or found in St. Clair County.

This form is to be completed for dogs to be considered for intake.

This form is to be completed for cats to be considered for intake.

Service Payments
In-Kind Donations

This is a site that can help an owner rehome their pet without entering the shelter.

This link is a payment page for when families have payment plans for services rendered.

This link is to be completed when supporters drop off in-kind donations.

Welcome Center
Spay/Neuter Sign Up

This SOP is to be utilized by front desk staff and volunteers to assist visitors.

Use this form to sign families up for our free spay/neuter program.

Vet Badger is used to schedule public clinic appointments.