We wanted to share some of our favorite Before and After Pictures from some very memorable Pups!  These are sure to have you saying “Awe” from number 1 to number 10!  Thank you for making it possible for Gateway Pet Guardians to rescue all of these amazing dogs!

1. Trendley, who never has to have another rough day in her life.

Trendley Before Trendley After

2. Happy, who just needed somebody to trust.

Happy BeforeHappy After

3. And this guy, Patches, who was able to kiss a Princess.

Patches Before Patches After.jpg

4. Dirk, who ended up being the best Big Brother.

Dirk Before Dirk After

5. And don’t forget about this handsome dude, Van Gogh, enjoying his new bone.

Van Gogh Before 1 Van Gogh After

6. Tali, the pretty girl who has never been happier.

Tali on the Streets Tali After

7. Seriously…Chantilly and her new best friend might be the cutest thing ever.

Chantilly Before Chantilly After

8. Titan, the strong man who is a sucker for the ladies.

Titan Before Titan After

9. Neena really enjoyed opening all her Christmas presents.

Neena Before Neena After

10. Charlotte is now living her life to the fullest.

Charlotte Before Charlotte After

 Thank you for what you all do to help us saves lives.  If you want to see more big doggie smiles, please help us by Fostering, Adopting, Volunteering, or Donating.

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