Fostering is a critical part of any rescue group – the more foster parents we have, the more pets we can rescue. Gateway Pet Guardians is continuously looking for new fosters (experienced or inexperienced) to come on board and help animals in need.

We asked our current volunteers what they like best about being foster parents, and here’s what they said.

Why Do We Foster?

  1. Because I’m needed
  2. We’re saving and transforming the lives of pets
  3. We’re a community: We get to meet and spend time with people that have the same passion for rescue that we do, whether is other fosters, volunteers and/or adopters.
  4. We’re helping families find the perfect pet
  5. We love puppy breath, puppy hugs and puppy snuggles (and honestly, who doesn’t?)
  6. We get to spread knowledge and awareness about pet adoption, a cause we’re so passionate about
  7. It helps me stay active
  8. We get to experience all the firsts with a dog (that should’ve been spoiled from day one!)
  9. We get to help street dogs learn street smarts and new tricks
  10. We are helping hurt dogs heal and recover safely

Please consider becoming a GPG foster parent today. While we only provided our top 10, our volunteers could go on for days about why they love being a foster parent.

See for yourself by visiting www.gatewaypets.com for more information or to fill out an application. You provide the shelter and love, and we’ll provide your foster pet’s medical and financial needs.

become a foster

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