It’s been a hectic week  here at Gateway Pet Guardians.  Due to the record cold temperatures, we needed to spring into action quickly to prevent as many animals from dying in the elements as possible, and that we did!  We brought in 13 dogs this week – 5 adults and 8 adorable little pups.  We were also able to hand out more than 40 dog houses and visit over 70 residents in the East St. Louis community!

First there was Slash, who we were able to rescue before the storm. Then there were a few puppies our outreach team was able to grab.  The next day it was Remy, one of our regulars.  Of course, we also had Chippy and Squirrel, who you saw on the Facebook page, and then Cashmere and Corduroy pictured below.

Altogether, we have Amelia, Ziggy, Slash, Squiggy, Remy and Cookie as the adult dogs and for pups there’s Merlin, Corduroy and Cashmere, Laverne and Shirley and Chippy and Squirrel. All of our pups will be up for adoption as soon as they are old enough to go on their own, and keep checking the website for the adoptability of all the adult dogs listed.

Chippy & Squirrel:

We wouldn’t be able to do these types of emergency rescues if it weren’t for people like you who are ready and willing to give us support – whether it’s donating money, becoming a foster, or simply sharing our stories. Thanks for all you do!

Cashmere & Corduroy: