26Last week, Gateway Pet Guardians received an abundance of help from 120 8th grade teens from Brittany Woods enrolled in Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program (TOP). On Monday, March 30 and Wednesday, April 1, students visited and helped us with a variety of tasks. The students sorted inventory and made treat bags to pass out, helped us with our outreach initiative by preparing bags with collars, leashes, and treats for an upcoming event, and created custom greeting cards for us to sell at adoption events to benefit the pups. We really put them to work, and they got a lot accomplished! Below is just a snippet of what they were able to help us with!

  • Created 10 heavy duty dog chew toys to be sold
  • Prepared 25 kongs/bones filled with yummy treats
  • Prepared 20 paper towel rolls filled with 1/2 cup adult food enrichment items
  • Created 100 homemade dog toys
  • Prepared 60 bowls filled and taped for enrichment feeding
  • Made 66 puzzle feeders signed by each kid to be sold for donation
  • Prepared approximately 200 outreach Purina bowls with collar/leash/treats
  • Sorted approximately 200 lbs of dog treats by size and type
  • Organized approximately 2,000 cat food cups marked for the pantry
  • Prepared approximately 300 treat bags with 5 small bones in each bag
  • Prepared approximately 175 treat bags filled with alpo dog biscuits

To top it all off, the students spent plenty of time playing with a few of our adoptable puppies. As we all know, that in itself is a task! Their project ended with 120 happy kids ready to sign up for the minor program, 7 worn out socialized puppies, and several exhausted GPG volunteers. We couldn’t have asked for a better group to work with, and are excited to continue working with them in the future!




If you have a youth group interested in helping Gateway Pet Guardians in some capacity, email youth@gatewaypets.com. We have many tasks to choose from, and appreciate the help!