We were able to rescue Chenille on Tuesday. Turns out she is not pregnant. Doesn’t she look pregnant?

She is being treated for heartworm and is safe at the vet, but still needs a foster home.

Which brings me to why I am sending this newsletter. It is COLD outside and it is only getting colder. We will pull as many dogs as we have fosters for.

That’s right! If YOU will foster, then we can save another dog from these bone chilling temperatures.

Some of the dogs we would still like to pull who we don’t have fosters for are Malcom & Nigella (although we are still trying to confirm that Nigella does not have any puppies on the street). Nigel and Nina both have been spoken for, but we will not leave Nigella behind without them. There are MANY more dogs that we will pull if we only have a home to put them in.

If you have ever thought about fostering, now is the time. If you would need help with food we will help you. We pay for all veterinary care and typically find the dogs a home pretty quickly.

Please click the image below to fill out an online foster application now!