Five things you should know about Gateway Pet Guardians | www.gatewaypets.com

There’s a lot to know about Gateway Pet Guardians as an organization and all of the different things we do with the East St. Louis community, but here are the top five things that will help you get to know us:

1.  We’re a nonprofit animal rescue that is hyper-focused in a very small service area – East St. Louis, Alorton, Centreville, Caseyville and Washington Park, Illinois.  We’re focusing on such a small area because it will help us make a huge measurable impact in those communities.

2. Our shelter only houses approximately nine dogs at a time – the rest of our organization is entirely foster-based! We want all of our pups to know what it’s like to live in a cozy foster home.

3. We are one of only a handful of organizations in the country who care for stray animals while they’re still on the street.  Our volunteers feed homeless dogs and cats in East St. Louis every single day and when we have foster homes available and funds for vet care, we will rescue those in the most need.

4. Our organization is run almost entirely by volunteers and funded by donations.  Only a very small percentage of our income comes from grants and sponsorships.

5. We think education is KEY to solving the homeless pet problem; we have an education program to help teach children and adults all the things they need to know about responsible pet ownership and we also help them find resources to make their pets lives better like low cost spay/neuter, free dog houses and pet food.

Are you interested in getting involved with our organization? Volunteer!



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