“I just had a heart attack and got out of the hospital. My cats do not have any cat food or litter. The store I went to did not have any, and I can’t shop around due to quarantine and my health. Can you please help us?”

This is one of the many phone calls that have come in over the past several days. Pet food is becoming scarce in our area as families stock up on supplies to prepare for the Shelter in Place order due to COVID-19. Pet food was difficult to find before COVID-19, as there are very few places to purchase pet food in the Metro East. With those few stores being out of stock, families are left in a panic to obtain necessities for their pets.

We are happy to report that we were able to support this family and a few others that have called in over the past several days, and will continue to do so as we are able and while supplies last. We have practiced social distancing by making deliveries, communicating over the phone, and leaving supplies on doorsteps to minimize exposure. Gateway Pet Guardians has been monitoring guidelines from health authorities, as well as restrictions put in place by government officials to slow the spread of the virus. We continue to brainstorm new ways to meet the needs of our community while also being cautious and diligent during this pandemic.

For this little family, access to cat food and litter is one less worry during this trying time.