Cocoa-photoWhen you hear the word “cocoa” what do you think of? Soothing Cocoa Butter? Yummy Cocoa Puffs? Cups of Hot Cocoa? Well after today, when you hear the word Cocoa you will think of the most beautiful dog in the world….ME!

Hi there, my name is Cocoa! I’m not sure if I’m the most beautiful dog in the world, but that’s what people keep telling me. They also keep calling me a “wallflower”, but I don’t know what that means. I thought flowers grew in the yard? Apparently they call me that because I’m shy and I guess I agree with them. I spent the first part of my life living in the ‘wild’ so when I was rescued I wasn’t sure if I should trust these humans. But I’ve been lucky to live with a great foster family, surrounded by my canine foster siblings who have taught me so much! So now I am ready for my forever home!

Cocoa photo2

Its true! I’m crate trained and house broken. I love laying around with my foster siblings and learning new tricks (for treats of course). I do have one little quirk that my humans have to watch out for: I’m a fence jumper. I can’t help it! I think I may have been an equestrian champion in another life. But anyway, because of my tendency to jump, I would need a home with a tall fence or a family who would take me out on a leash.

Since I’m still a little shy and like to sit back and watch the world around me, I think a home that doesn’t have small children would be best. I love the little guys, but they are loud and make me a little jumpy (no pun intended). What I really want is a family who understands that I may not be the life of the party, but I will love them unconditionally and forever.


Oh, I almost forgot! I’m a part of GPG’s Long Enough Adoption Promotion and my adoption fee is only $25 until the end of the month! Who doesn’t love a deal?


Help this wallflower bloom, please check out our adoption process and fill out an application here: Pet Adoption Policies & Application. You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com for more information.
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