Ditka with capeFaster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap fences in a single bound. Look, up in the air! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Ditka! That’s right mere mortals, my name is Ditka and I’m a Superhero. Don’t believe me? Just ask my foster family about the backyard fence I scaled. Superman? PLEASE! This 5-year old Black Lab Mix can run circles around that guy! Honestly, my secret mission wasn’t to escape. I just wanted to show off my special powers. My new “Fortress of Solitude” (or ‘yard’ for you non-believers) features a taller fence that I can’t breach, which I like. It allows me to focus on my real special power: LOVE! It’s true. I’ve yet to meet a human who can resist my power. I simply wag my tail and flash my goofy smile, and they are putty in my paws. I’m even smart enough not to jump on them, so they give me even MORE attention.

Ditka photos edited
The only thing my “super” life is missing is the perfect sidekick. Are you the Robin to my Batman? Are you ready to be greeted every day with love and a smile? If so, then I’m your guy! I’m great with other dogs and I’m even house and crate trained. I told you I had special powers! The only requirement I have is that my new home have a 6’ fence or a family who is willing to take me outside on a leash.

Ditka photos edited 2
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