Finley-photos-magazine Finley is CANINE’S 2015 Most Beautiful Pup!

Just as People Magazine publishes their “Most Beautiful” issue each year (Sandra Bullock was recently named Most Beautiful for 2015), St. Louis CANINE Magazine produces its most beautiful list. Finley, a beautiful brindle terrier, was named 2015’s Most Beautiful Pup.

CANINE recently visited with Finley in her foster home to get to know her better.

C: How does it feel to be named Most Beautiful Pup for 2015?

F: It’s a little embarrassing really. I mean, all dogs are beautiful in their own way. Sometimes I think individuals don’t look past fur color, spots and stripes to see all the love and beauty a dog has on the inside.

C: When you’re not busy being interviewed and photographed, what are some of your favorite things to do?

F:  I love having a big yard so I can run around. I’m currently learning how to play Frisbee. I sometimes have trouble remembering to return the disc to my foster mom, but she is patient with me. Oh and I love rawhide chews and my bouncy Sumo toy!


C: Some dogs we’ve interview were quoted as saying that they don’t like being around kids or other animals. How about you?

F: I love kids. I currently live with two young boys and I’m having a great time with them. I also live with a cat and have no problems living with a feline. When my foster mom takes me on walks and I see another dog, I’m like “cool, nice to see ya” and just continue on my merry little way.

C: Crate trained or house broken?

F: Both!

C: If you could have any wish come true for 2015, what would it be?

F: Not to sound like a sap, but what I really want for 2015 is a forever home. I love my foster family, but I know my adoptive family is out there looking for me. I’m excited to meet them!


C: What would a perfect forever-home look like?

F: My perfect home would be one with a family who loves me and wants to play. I know I have a lot of energy so my perfect family would embrace that and try to keep up!

If you think you are the perfect adoptive family for Finley, please check out our adoption process and fill out an application here: Pet Adoption Policies & Application. You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com for more information.
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