Pink-blog-photos-2Well hello there! What’s that? Oh, no, I’m not the Rock Star named “Pink”; I’m the Dog Star named Pink. Its okay, I get mistaken for her all the time. Its totally understandable, we are A LOT alike.


It’s true. Aside from the obvious (our gorgeous looks), we practically live parallel lives. Let’s see, we’re both great singers. I personally think my “sound” is more commercial than hers, but I guess everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

We also are known for being in great shape. I’m a lean 40 lbs and like to stay fit by going for walks, wrestling, and playing tug-of-war. Speaking of wrestling, I love playing with other dogs. I have a great time playing with my foster brother and I even sneak puppy kisses when no one is looking. Did you know the singer “Pink” is also a fan of dogs? It’s true, she is a huge supporter of PETA…I Googled it.


Another thing I have in common with the Rock Star is my love for children (she has two little ones…again, Google). I was lucky enough to live with a 3-year old in another foster home and it was great! You know, sometimes our tough exteriors can be deceiving. Rock Star “Pink” and I may look hard on the outside, but we are big softies on the inside.


But, there is one major difference between my namesake and me. “Pink” has a family and home to call her own and I am still waiting for mine. But I know they are out there and until then I will keep on playing, loving and of course, rocking!

Don’t miss the opportunity to adopt this rock star, please check out our adoption process and fill out an application here: Pet Adoption Policies & Application. You may also email us at adopt@gatewaypets.com for more information.
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