Alana was found by a resident within our service area. At first glance, it was obvious she had experienced extreme trauma, in pain and with multiple wounds. Her finder took her to a local veterinarian, but her treatment plan was beyond what she could afford. She called Gateway Pet Guardians for help.

After an initial examination, the vet found a shattered left scapula, a through and through bullet wound over her hip, and a badly infected left eye that needed to be removed. She had several extreme injuries, and she was not strong enough to undergo all surgeries at once. She had her leg amputated immediately at Hillside Animal Hospital, and after amputation went to a special medical foster to help her through recovery.

Shortly after her initial surgery, Alana was very subdued. She seemed to have abdominal pain and was passing some blood clots in her urine; we believed she had some degree of metritis or other uterine issue. She was on antibiotics and about to be spayed so her foster family monitored her closely. 

Three weeks after her amputation, she was spayed and had her diseased eye removed. After this surgery, she became a whole new dog! Either the uterus or the badly diseased eye (or both) had caused extreme pain, but without that pain, she became a playful companion. She experienced some minor issues with her shoulder incision (skin needed to be removed and revised), so she actually had a third surgery in early January, as well. 

Gateway Pet Guardians was determined to save Alana and show her true companionship and love on the other side of her surgeries. It didn’t take long for Alana to find the forever home she deserved, where she currently lives with one eye, three legs, and a heart full of love.

We were able to save Alana through our Second Chance Fund, which allows us to provide much needed medical assistance to homeless pets in need. Please consider donating to help pets like Alana experience their second chance.