alestairWe found Alester (fka Brooks) when we were just starting to look for a new dog, after having lost my 12 year old terrier to cancer a few months prior. We knew it was meant to be as soon as we found out he was being fostered in our small town! One visit with him and we had to have him. He wasn’t ours right away, and the wait was hard, but totally worth it!

Alester Murphy (AM) spends his days living in a dog’s paradise—running around our paintball park, swimming in the lake and playing with his big sister Fannie Mendelssohn (FM) and his best friend Finnegan the Poodle. Alester really thinks it’s fun to go swimming with Finnegan, which gets Finnegan in trouble (he’s an apricot poodle and the dirt is obvious…Alester has a shirt, brindle coat that is perfect for hiding dirt!) He loves to cuddle on the couch and in bed. His favorite thing in the world is going for rides–golf carts, ATVs, truck or car rides–he isn’t picky.

We couldn’t be happier with our baby. Well, maybe if he would stop chewing on my shoes…