Amanda had toyed with becoming a foster parent for a long time. Of course, like many others, she had a busy life, traveled 9 months out of the year, had her own dogs to care for, and had a long list of reasons why it was never the right time. Amanda reports though, she’s come to learn that the right time never really shows up and decided to go for it anyways!

Marilyn Monroe was one of the puppies in her very first foster litter and as soon as Amanda laid eyes on that beautiful, blonde puppy, she felt the name was going to suit her well. Marilyn was independent and had a wild spirit, all with just the right amount of sass but would cuddle hard when the mood struck her. Amanda loved her instantly and would continue to fall in love until she found her a forever home.

Marilyn had gone on one trial and was already returned by the time the second application came in for her. Something didn’t sit with Amanda, but she knew she was starting to become protective, so she agreed to meet the family. They were fantastic, but unfortunately Marilyn was again returned a week later. Amanda started toying with the idea of keeping her then but realized, puppies are hard, and she would probably have to deal with this a lot in her foster journey… So she agreed to talk to the family who submitted a third application on her. They were amazing, and Amanda knew Marilyn was going to melt their hearts and be a great addition to their family.

The day she dropped her beautiful, blonde foster puppy off for a third adoption trial, she sobbed with grief. The people closest to her would question why and how she could take these puppies in and then let them go and if she would do it again. Despite how hard it was to let Marilyn and the others move on without her, Amanda always responded, “a hundred times YES!”

Fast forward two weeks, and Amanda got a call that Marilyn was being returned. Third time wasn’t a charm this time, by the fourth time was. Marilyn was finally home.

“I still foster, the only thing that has changed, is my bed just a little bit more crowded!” Amanda sweetly shares. “There is no way to really explain what it feels like to open your home and heart to dogs who need us, but it really is life changing. If you are thinking about fostering and waiting for the right time, I am here to tell you – it will not come. Just dive in and do it! You will not regret being a part of the change and helping a life.”