Gateway Pet Guardians is thrilled to be a recipient of Banfield Foundation’s COVID-19 Rebuild Grant in the amount of $8,000. This grant program was designed to assist organizations as they rebuild their capacity to care for pets and resume medical operations.

COVID-19 has created a rippling effect within our organization, creating a backlog of rescued pets needing spay/neuter surgeries as our area’s Shelter in Place order has taken effect. Now that restrictions have lifted, we are taking strides to catch up, and with the completion of our Spay/Neuter Surgery Suite we will be able to address the backlog and catch up on surgeries. Banfield Foundation’s contribution funded the acquisition of our anesthesia machine needed to perform surgeries. On Wednesday, August 12, we were able to complete our first set of surgeries in-house–a momentous occasion for our organization!

Banfield Foundation believes that all pets deserve access to veterinary care. In support of this belief, the foundation funds programs that enable veterinary care, elevate the power of the human-animal bond, provide disaster relief for pets, and advance the science of veterinary medicine through fostering innovation and education.

Banfield Foundation awarded a $7,500 grant to support Gateway Pet Guardians in 2019; $10,000 grant in 2018; and a $5,000 grant in 2016. We are grateful for the continued support that the Banfield Foundation has provided over the past few years, and are eager to provide more life-saving services this year thanks to their generosity!