The video below is when we “Re-Rescued Bea & Aaron. They lived on the streets of East St. Louis their whole lives and were rescued September, 2010. They escaped the VERY next morning, around 7:30 am. Aaron managed to get out of an 8 foot fence and Bea followed him a few minutes later. They were wandering around the streets of Soulard all day of their escape, but not together. They had not found each other. We followed everyone’s “sightings” and tried twice to catch them Friday. Friday night there were 4 of us driving, stopping, surrounding, begging Aaron to be rescued again. He was just too scared to actually let PJ get the leash around his neck. Sightings over the weekend were scarce. We spent a lot of the weekend along the river, near factories and abandoned lots. By Sunday night and Monday we received word via Facebook that they were in the Jefferson/Osage area which was frightening because Jefferson is such a busy street. We got calls from PJ early in the morning to come be back-up and try once again to “re-rescue” them.

History of Bea & Aaron, those little stinkers!

Yeah! We got them back and they can begin their second chance at life. We took them immediately to Hillside Animal Hospital where they were treated for Heartworm and taking a time out.

And finally, March 2011. They have made their way into PJ’s house and have come a long way! Aaron is the more social one and Bea is a total sweetheart, but she takes a bit to come out of her shell. These kids eventually need a forever home, but as you can see, they are a package deal and they need a little extra love. Both very friendly, but still need to keep an eye on them as they aren’t left alone outside for very long periods of time (a few minutes here and there). And that is with a tall fence! Aaron is not always looking at the fence, but we never want them to escape again. They are enjoying their indoors life and living the domestic dream. Their love for each other is heartwarming.