Beau Deserves a Second Chance

Saved from the freezing cold with severe injuries

“There is a new dog who was dumped running around the neighborhood and he is missing a leg”.  That was the call Gateway Pet Guardians received, but we had no idea to expect.  To be honest, we figured it was a dog who had it’s leg surgically removed and then dumped years later…what we found was very different and much worse.   When we first saw Beau, it was hard to tell what was wrong.  He was laying in the field, trying to stay warm on a freezing day.  After closer inspection, volunteers saw what the lady actually meant by “it’s missing a leg”.  It appeared that Beau’s leg had been ripped off.  After the initial shock, the volunteers approached him slowly and were able to eventually get a slip lead over his head and carry him to the car.  He knew these guardians were there to save him. Even after this traumatic injury, his tail still wagged as he was on his way to his new and better life.
He was rushed to Hillside Animal Hospital where the talented veterinarians got right to work.  Unfortunately, there is no way to know what happened to Beau’s leg, but the one thing we knew is that it was in awful shape.  It is a miracle that Beau survived as long as he did with that injury open to the elements.    Hillside cleaned and bandaged his injured leg and started him on antibiotics.  Beau’s recovery has only just begun, he will need to undergo surgery to finish closing the wound on his leg and also treat his heartworms.  In the meantime, he will receive the much needed food and love from his foster family.
It’s clear Beau’s past was horrid, but he’s now on the road to recovery and needs your help!  Your donation, regardless of size  will help with his medical expenses so that we can continue to rescue more dogs in need.  Beau’s amazing personality is a true testament to the work we do.  Even through extreme suffering, he is forgiving and willing to love unconditionally.  Animals like Beau deserve a second chance to have the life they deserve. To watch a video of Beau, click here.

To help with Beau’s medical bills please donate to our Second Chance Fund

Gateway Pet Guardians Second Chance Fund