We picked up 18 beautiful dog houses from Purina this week to support our outreach program!

Future veterinarians from schools across the country were in St. Louis for an annual Purina-hosted conference June 25, and they spent a few hours getting creative to build and decorate dog houses for Gateway Pet Guardians. Painted in a variety of styles and colors, the dog house designs cover many themes, including St. Louis, Gateway Pet Guardians, Purina and Pet Adoption Awareness.

Veterinary schools represented included Auburn, Tuskegee, Colorado State, University of Tennessee, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Nestlé Purina’s Influential Marketing team works with all 28 veterinary schools across the U.S. and have Purina student ambassadors at each.

Executive Director Jamie Case was on site to receive the dog houses and share the organization’s appreciation for the donation – and the student’s creativity.

“What an incredible program,” she said. “Not only are students learning about Purina’s dedication to the community, but we are also obtaining resources for our outreach efforts. This is a great foundation for new veterinarians!”


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