Bert was one of the three dogs we rescued (all on the same day!) recently.  What a teddy bear!  Apparently he is at Ms Jamie’s house, cuddling on the couch, with his head on her lap, as if he never knew that he could have ended up on the street forever.  So wonderful when these kids adjust almost instantly.  Big Bert is going to need heartworm treatment as well.  We are using an alternative (still prescription) treatment, because there is a shortage of the normal treatment.  Bert’s treatment will have a slower “kill off” period of the heartworm, so who knows, maybe in some ways a bit more gentle.  Eventually Bert is going to need a forever home, so keep him in mind for yourself, your friends, or your family.  As you can see, he is a total sweetheart but poses (in looks only) as a guard dog in public.  Nobody has to know that he about the biggest baby we have seen (in a good way).