First we have some feedings from September 1, 2011.  Who’s featured?  Well Cats, and a little kitty got chased up a pole by a lil’ stinker puppy that tries to eat the cat food.  Dinah, Leela’s dad, Leela (before she was rescued), Lady the black dog with the injured eye who hangs out with Buster (Buster has parents), Mischa (who we have tried to rescue a few times and finally did get her mom, Em, Lloyd the bearded black dog, An unknown sweet Black Piitie mix, and Malcolm who looks really terrible.  Then below we have happy video.  An update on Blondie, Bea & Aaron.  Blondie had heartworm and was having a very tough time for awhile.  She nearly didn’t make it through her heartworm treatment.  However, now she is a wonderful girl & is taking walks with Pj.  And Bea & Aaron, the little escape artists who manage to weasel their way out of Pj’s yard less than 24 hours after their rescue.  It took a lot of tears, a lot of driving all over St. Louis Industrial areas, South City, Social Networking Sites, etc…to finally track them and bring them home again.  This video is about one year later.  Incredible progress.  They have to be adopted out together and they will need a watchful eye at their new home.  They will adapt, but we never want these guys to be lost on the streets again!  Privacy fences with no holes are a PLUS!