2 minutes with Savvy.  Super pregnant and about ready to burst!  But A wonderful Ms. U was able to get her that evening and now Savvy is being super spoiled and will be giving birth anyday now.  She was too far along to get spayed.  Horton is the father of these puppies.  We are going to need fosters and forever homes when the kids are about 8 weeks old.  Savvy and GPG are both very thankful to a Ms. U who selflessly picked Savvy up the day this video was shot.  We all are rooting for Savvy to have a healthy birthing process.
2 minutes with Blondie.  Blondie is such a great dog and we can’t understand why no one has really taken an interest in her.  She is great on a leash and doesn’t seem phased by other dogs walking by.  She would probably do best with a male.  Please contact us to see if Blondie might be a good fit for you.  Very loving and sweet kid.
These guys are regulars.  We basically need fosters for all of them.
2 minutes 20 seconds.
2 1/2 minutes with RaRa.  I wish RaRa could find a perfect foster.  Someone without other dogs or with a submissive male.  Also, she is going to be a shy one with a new person.  She is super sweet.
Lloyd is getting to be an old man on the streets.  Whitney Kissed Pj the other day!!
I am thrilled to tell you that Tommy, Tommy’s Kitty AND the Siamese were rescued.  They will be looking for forever homes soon!  But Mr. Tux and a few of his friends are still at this house. 90 seconds of kitties.