Buddy at the Belleville Santa Claus Parade on November 28!

Buddy’s story is a lengthy one.  His story begins with our community outreach team.  During the harsh winter of 2013/2014, Gateway Pet Guardians embarked on a life-saving mission for the owned animals in East St. Louis, IL.  Volunteers were out weekly, if not daily during cold snap, knocking on doors, giving away free dog houses, straw, food and encouraging residents to bring their pets indoors.  The temps were  wavering in the 40 below zero range and the animals were not safe outdoors for any length of time.

This outreach effort launched our Outreach Program that continues this work throughout the year.  These amazing volunteers promote spay/neuter, provide resources for free pet food, low-cost vaccinations and preach responsible animal ownership.  GPG has begun an incredible relationship with the city of East St. Louis to encourage their city to promote these things as well to hopefully reduce the number of stray animals on the streets.  Many residents don’t have the resources to provide adequately for their pets.  Our job is to assist in any way possible to give the animal a safe, healthy living environment while sharing information on the cost and responsibility that comes with owning a pet.  Our volunteers have built long-lasting relationships with many community members.

Buddy’s owners were some of those people our volunteers assisted.  When our team noticed Buddy’s hair and weight loss along with a limp, they took action.  They encouraged the owners to surrender him to us so we could give him the proper care he desperately needed.   They loved their pet and didn’t want to give him up.  They finally agreed and Buddy became a part of the GPG family on October 9.  Buddy went immediately to a seasoned foster to give him the best care possible.


Buddy at the vet immediately after being rescued.

He immediately began treatment for sarcoptic mange and skin infection.  This happy-go-lucky pup was on his way to recovery!  So, we thought.  It was discovered through his treatment, that he had an aversion to the medicine to treat mange and he landed himself at the emergency clinic TWICE because it was so toxic to him.  Buddy is a fighter and pushed through the toxicity!

Initially, doctors thought Buddy had a hip injury that was going to require an invasive surgery and recovery.  After a month of no weight gain and his skin finally healing, his hip issue was reevaluated.  Another x-ray was done and it was determined that Buddy had a bullet lodged in his leg.  Our hearts broke knowing what our poor boy had been through prior to rescue.

Surgery was scheduled and the bullet was removed on December 8!

Buddy is currently up for adoption and is looking for the perfect home to spoil him rotten!
Buddy is one of many animals Gateway Pet Guardians has rescued in 2014.  By the end of the year, we will have saved over 400 dogs from the Metro East.   Our mission is to end homelessness for animals in the metro east through rescue, rehabilitation, education and community outreach.

To donate, please visit www.gatewaypets.com/donate-now.