chickensittingShy dogs can be tough on many levels. Trying to develop trust, getting them to feel comfortable, the list goes on. And trying to find them an adopter can be even harder. Who wants to adopt a dog that doesn’t want to be touched? And that was the issue with our girl Chicken. She was pregnant when rescued and after giving birth to her beautiful babies she went into foster. We hoped she would come out of her shell once the excitement of being rescued and having babies wore off, but she never really blossomed. The team at GPG worried that she may never find a home that understood and loved her just the way she was.

Luckily everything changed in January when a perfect family came looking for a dog just like Chicken! Chicken had always loved being around other dogs, and this adopter was looking for a buddy for her resident dog. The rest, as they say, is history.

Here’s what Chicken’s new mom has to say about Chicken’s new life:

“In the few months since Chicken came to live with me and my other dog, Tater, she’s really become a part of my little family. She gets along great with Tater, and is starting to come out of her shell, too. Even though she’ll always be a shy dog (it took 2 weeks for her to let me close enough to touch her at all), she’s growing by leaps and bounds now – even letting me clip her nails and give her a good butt scratch! Campy as it sounds, every pup deserves a good forever home, and I’m so very glad “Chickie-Dee” found hers with me!”