12745621_1550997621859560_199390348056694949_nMeet Connor ~ the sweetest puppy ever!  Connor has a wish:  he hopes to be able to walk, run, and play like other puppies.

Nine-week-old Connor was born with Swimmers Syndrome. As a result of weak muscles in the rear limbs, “swimmers” are generally unable to stand at a normal age ~ usually three weeks.  Puppies suffering from this condition will instead lie on their chests and paddle in a turtle-like fashion as if “swimming.”

12742593_1551325568493432_8633893484287573072_nGateway Pet Guardians was contacted by a family in our service area and expressed that they had a puppy, Connor, who was unable to walk.  Upon visiting the family, a Gateway volunteer immediately realized that something was wrong with Connor.  The family subsequently surrendered Connor, as they realized they did not have the resources needed to properly help a puppy with this condition.

Gateway brought him to Hillside Animal Hospital where he was officially diagnosed with Swimmers Syndrome.  He has begun therapy and eagerly works on building up the strength in his back legs.  Hopefully, he will get strong enough to realize his wish.

12742373_10205730391718898_8087521146067757761_nHis therapy will take some time and multiple vet visits, but this sweet boy deserves all the love and care in the world.  Thank you for making it possible to rescue Connor and give him the chance he needs.  Without supporters, Gateway would not be able to rescue pups in need of special help.  It is because of YOU that these dogs get their second chance!  Please visit GPG’s Second Chance YouCaring Fund to give to Connor’s recovery!