Allison Busby
Adoption Application Coordinator

Allison BusbyAllison Busby has been involved with Gateway Pet Guardians for about a year. She’s made herself quite comfortable in the organization in that year, though! She’s a foster, event volunteer, shelter volunteer, and most recently became our Adoption Application Coordinator. In her coordinator role, she loves being able to help applicants that don’t have a dog in mind discover their perfect match.

Allison’s husband has two family businesses and she works a full time job, does the books for her husband’s business, and is working towards her MBA. Any and all of her spare time goes towards rescue, outreach, and volunteering with Gateway Pet Guardians.

Allison is married to her high school sweetheart and lives with their two personal dogs and four cats (plus 1-3 foster dogs at a given time). They don’t have any children, so they are able to devote all of their free time to the furry ones in their lives. Their personal pets are dogs Sadie and Max and cats Harley, Callie, Annie and Rootbeer. All of their cats were strays that just showed up and they took them in to get them vetted and fed. Sadie is a 7-year-old cairn terrier/basset mix that they adopted from the humane society shortly after they were married. Max is an almost 2-year-old giant pittie mix they adopted as a puppy from a family in Belleville that ended up with an accidental litter because they couldn’t afford to get their dogs fixed. After adopting him, they assisted in getting his mom and dad fixed. Even though they have a house full of furry kids, she insists they aren’t crazy!

Allison does a lot of work doing community outreach in East St. Louis. Her favorite experience with Gateway Pet Guardians has been helping a family’s dog give birth in the middle of the night. She said it was amazing and terrifying all at once – but an absolutely wonderful experience. She’s established a relationship with the residents, and they called on her when they needed help. Gateway took the puppies in and helped the family spay their dog so they could keep her happy and healthy.

When asked who her favorite GPG dog is, she had a terrible time trying to decide on just one. However, Tali has made a special place in her heart. She was at the emergency shelter when she first started volunteering, and had a pretty bad embedded collar. Gateway of course got her all fixed up, but she had a pretty lengthy stay at the shelter. She always had a way of just looking at Allison and getting her to cuddle with her. It didn’t help that she looks a lot like her personal pittie at home, Max!

You would never guess it, but Allison used to be deathly terrified of dogs. She’s not sure why, but the sight of a dog would send her screaming and running and jumping on top of the closest person to her. Obviously, Allison has since overcome that fear and is almost the complete opposite now. We’re glad you did, Allison, because your contributions make the world of difference to our puppies! Thank you for all you do for us!

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