Our community hotline received a call from a resident concerned for a dog’s well being. He reported the dog was on a chain with no shelter, food or water in sight. A few volunteers went out to assess the situation and had a chat with the family to see if they could use our services.

We were greeted by one of the nicest guys, Cortez whose dogs are primarily indoors. They are only tethered when they have outdoor time because he lives on a very busy street and cannot afford to fence his yard. This is how he keeps his dogs safe. In case his dogs wanted to relax outside on chilly days, we provided then with a few doghouses and stacks of straw. Cortez proceeded to make a donation and informed us that he would stop by our Pet Retail Store soon to check out our products.

It is experiences like these that remind us that we cannot know until we ask. There are many organizations who would have assumed this dog is being neglected and is in need of rescue. By having a quick conversation with the owner, it was very easy to see that he loves his dogs and wants the best for them. This is how we are changing the game.

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