We are proud to be a 2022 recipient of a $50,000 grant from The Dana Brown Charitable Trust, a private grantmaking foundation focused on the welfare of disadvantaged children and animals in the St. Louis Metro area. These awarded funds will support community programming, specifically our pet food pantry and community outreach, as well as a portion of the salary for our in-house, licensed social worker, who connects pet families with lifesaving resources.

We are incredibly honored to be recognized by a foundation who aims to enrich the lives of the most vulnerable in our community. Together, we have a shared journey towards a common goal – providing short-and long-term solutions that keep pets with the people who love them. These community support solutions include, but are not limited to penalty-free payment plans for emergency pet care, rental assistance referrals, financial assistance referrals and case management to ensure clients follow treatment plans. 

This programming was critical during the height of the pandemic and assistance is still very much needed today. This funding will help us continue providing relief and emergency services to pet families dealing with ongoing hardships. Last year, we were able to serve over 160 families through our pet food pantry. Additionally, we launched a low-cost, bulk food option at our pet supply retail store, selling over 6,000 pounds of dry kibble to families in need. Through the generosity of foundations such as The Dana Brown Charitable Trust, lifesaving community services like these are and continue to be made possible.