DenboWith his dark, soulful eyes, a notch in his ear and a gray muzzle, you can tell life hasn’t always been easy for this gentle boy. How a dog that has obviously lived such a hard life can have such a gentle spirit is a miracle on its own.He came to us with a fractured leg that he barely used. It had been injured for so long that he had simply forgotten it. An amputation seemed imminent.

Denbo 1But his foster had one last idea: a pool. Denbo took to water like every lab mix should. Every trip to the pool meant more strength, more confidence, and most importantly – more use of the once-forgotten leg. He’s now putting weight on it – using it more and more, remembering more and more what it’s like to be a dog with four legs. Not just three.Denbo 2

Every dog – every single dog – deserves a chance to be the best he can be. But Denbo needs your help to get there. While trips to a family pool have helped him get this far, specialists can get him so much farther. Water therapy at Healing Paws will give Denbo the “leg up” that he deserves.


With your donation, Denbo can get regular water therapy treatments – which we hope will give him the strength and the confidence to stand tall and walk strong … on all four legs.


To help with Denbo’s Water Therapy bills please donate to our Second Chance Fund

Gateway Pet Guardians Second Chance Fund