We met Doby while canvassing for a vaccine clinic in Cahokia over a year ago. He came and greeted us while we walked in the street and his dad poked his head around the corner when he heard all the ridiculous doggy talk. He signed him up for spay/neuter on the spot and Doby went in to be fixed a few weeks later.

On Friday, we received a call from his dad saying Doby had been picked up by animal control for inadequate shelter. He couldn’t afford the fees associated with getting him back, and he didn’t have transportation to get him. We made arrangements to cover the cost of the fees and give Doby’s dad a ride.

As always, I learned there was more to the story on the drive to animal control. Doby’s dad had moved about 3 weeks ago and Doby was at the old apartment. He asked friends to help him bring Doby to his new place but they asked for $20 in gas money, which he didn’t have. So every morning he walked to his old place to feed Doby and spend time with him while his friend living in the apartment also cared for him.

Not only did we bust Doby out of AC today, but we gave his dad a doghouse, straw and tie-out to set him up at the new place. And in the end gave him that ride he needed all along to stay with his dad.