Rebecca Ormond on St. Louis Indy Theater

Gateway Pet Guardians on Show-Me St. Louis

Gateway Pet Guardians Featured in Bark Magazine

On the edge of the American Rust Belt, the once-prosperous city of East St. Louis, Ill., collapsed with industry in the 1960s and ’70s. Anyone with means moved away, siphoning off more than half the city’s population. Those who remain live in a landscape of fallendown buildings, burned-out houses, strip clubs and urban prairie with one of the highest crime rates in the country and countless free-roaming pet dogs and unwanted strays, nearly none of whom are spayed or neutered. [Read More]

Interview with Gateway Guardians: A Documentary Director in Bark Magazine

On July 18, Gateway Guardians, a documentary about a handful of scrappy volunteers feeding and rescuing stray dogs in a blighted East St. Louis neighborhood, premieres. Filmed almost entirely by flipcam-wielding rescue and foster volunteers and Webster University film students, the documentary provides a moving, dog’s-eye-view of street packs and loners and their unorthodox saviors. [Read More]

Gateway Guardians: A Documentary in the St. Louis Riverfront Times

Randy Grim gets a lot of recognition (and deservedly so) for his Stray Rescue, an organization tending to the needs of St. Louis’ abandoned, abused and feral dog population. But did you know that there’s another local outfit doing the same thing across the river? [Read More]

The Making of Gateway Guardians

The Making of Gateway Guardians: Pt II