tate1Haley Slane is a student at Hickey Vet Tech Institute, and plans to graduate on December 16th this year. Gateway Pet Guardians partnered with Hickey over the spring and summer in a life-saving effort. Hickey enabled us to save more lives by caring for rescued animals, including walking them, feeding them, and performing spay/neuter surgeries as part of their curriculum. We provided rescued animals for students to work with, they provided the care and love until space opened up at our Emergency Shelter or a foster home. Throughout her studies, Haley worked with several dogs, but one really stood out in her career. In fact, Haley fell head over heels for this dog, and her relationship with this dog is what kick started her fostering career with Gateway Pet Guardians.

Tate was on the euthanasia list at St. Clair County Animal Control, and upon being rescued, spent several weeks at Hickey. Haley decided that after his stay at Hickey he would go home with her until he found his forever home. Since she took him home, Haley has shown him all the love and affection in the world, and he’s blossomed into a little social butterfly. He was heartworm positive when rescued, and underwent heartworm treatment in her care. He is now healthy and ready to be adopted by his forever family. Haley’s favorite thing about Tate: “He has those big goofy ears, he’s so cute and has such a big heart! He loves everyone and everything he meets!” Tate is dog friendly and toddler friendly, and loves going on walks and snuggling his people.

Tate has lived with Haley for over two months waiting for his forever family. In those two months, several other dogs have also come and gone through Haley’s home as fosters. At any one time, Haley might have up to three dogs in her care, saving countless lives. And Haley’s fostering career has just started!

Thank you, Haley, for fostering for Gateway Pet Guardians and saving lives. We are so thankful for that fateful day you met Tate in your studies, and continued to care for him outside of the classroom!

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