East St. Louis, IL, August 1, 2017 –In the month of July, temperatures in the East St. Louis metropolitan area topped 97 degrees for 13 days making it unbearable for humans and dangerous for animals to be outside.

During this heat wave, Gateway Pet Guardians (GPG) was inundated with calls about animals suffering in the heat and in desperate need of assistance. Within just four weeks, GPG took in 67 pets, 57 of which were puppies and kittens, in dire need of hydration and vetting.

One of the rescued puppy litters was suffering from the worst case of fleas the veterinarian had ever seen. A puppy from this litter was diagnosed with a heart murmur due to anemia caused by the flea infestation. Other litters were covered in ticks, maggots, and ringworm.

“Unfortunately, even with deep discounts from our partner veterinarians, our expenses have skyrocketed trying to keep pace with these rescues,” said Jamie Case, Executive Director. “With the 43 puppies, 14 kittens and 10 adult dogs, GPS’s cost for saving these lives is just over $14,000 and that is IF all of these animals remain healthy after their initial vetting.”

With more warm temperatures in the forecast, GPG is scrambling to keep up with demand.

“We never want to turn our backs on an animal in need due to financial reasons,” said Case. “We are hoping an influx of donations and successful fundraisers this summer/fall will keep us from having to make those difficult decisions.”

Gateway Pet Guardians accepts donations on the website, www.gatewaypets.com.