Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is not just about providing services for community cats, but also the caretakers that love them! We had done quite a bit of TNR in East St. Louis, but one day Spay/Neuter Coordinator Deanna Sanvi noticed seven new cats at a house we had never connected with. The cats were fat and definitely cared for, and we worked to make contact with the owner of the home.

Finally, we met Dolly. Dolly LOVES her cats. Like many residents we work with, she was skeptical of TNR. After all, it takes a lot of trust to allow a stranger you just met to trap the cats you love dearly and expect them to bring them back! But, she let us trap all ten cats. They were fixed at our partner clinic and spent a day recovering. When we pulled up to Dolly’s house to release the cats, she was waiting on the front porch, excited and eager to see her cats again! She helped us release them and immediately set out food, welcoming them back home.

We are thankful to Dolly for placing her trust in us because now, her cats will not reproduce and have unwanted litters. She will be able to continue to care for the cats she loves, without adding any new ones to the mix.

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