We’d like to introduce you all to a very special pupper named Precious. Her family reached out to us for help, and we’re honored to have gotten the call! Precious was bit as a puppy and has a few mangled legs to show for it. While wasn’t experiencing daily pain, we wanted to offer her (and her family) some relief by getting that dead leg she’s been dragging removed. We met with a specialist where we were quoted just over $2,000. That’s quite a chunk of change, but we believed the amputation will significantly improve her quality of life.

On March 6th, Precious had the dead leg removed. She is getting around great, and we are excited to see her with the staples removed and fully healed! For now, she is resting comfortably through recovery with her mom, who is very thankful to have her home.

Please consider donating to our Pet Crisis Fund, through which we are able to provide dogs and cats, like Precious, necessary veterinary care.