Every morning, her mom tells her “You are beautiful. You are smart. You are my Angel.” We couldn’t be more in love with this sweet little family. 

We got a call last night from mom, saying Angel had seven 3-week-old puppies but had stopped nursing and eating for three days. She clearly wasn’t feeling well. She had never owned a dog before, and she was one worried mama.

After visiting, we noticed the puppies were strong and healthy, but had torn mama up trying to get to her milk. We decided to try a mushy mixture to see if they were ready to start the weaning process, and the puppies’ response–YES! Angel visited the vet to get antibiotics for her mastitis, and we delivered a few bags of puppy food, formula, and blankets and toys to help with this transition. She will eventually be spayed and we will work together to find homes for the puppies.

But here’s the best part. She knew who to call because of a magnet she had gotten years ago, placed on the fridge collecting dust until the day she really needed it. AND she is signing up to volunteer with Gateway Pet Guardians next weekend–to help others access services for their pets. 

Angel received veterinary care thanks to our East Side Pet Crisis Fund, and will be spayed once her puppies are fully weaned and she is feeling better. Click to learn more about this program and how it helps keep pets with their families that love them.