Bellah’s family was beside themselves after an incident leaving their best friend, their baby, in pain. Bellah was shot in her front leg, and they rushed her to a local vet. After paying everything they had towards the office visit, they were faced with three options: find some way to afford a $5,000 surgery to repair the leg, surrender her to a rescue or shelter, or humanely euthanize their sweet girl. They left the clinic, feeling defeated and unsure about what they were going to do.

Luckily, their aunt gave them our number and they gave us a call. While we couldn’t cover that major surgery, we could help get Bellah into a partner vet for an x-ray and second opinion. That x-ray showed that the bullet shattered both major bones in her leg, damaging it beyond repair. But after a lengthy conversation with the vet and considering multiple treatment options, we found a reasonable solution that would allow us to save Bellah. We could amputate her leg for a fraction of the cost, and she could return home to her family that loves and adores her.

In times of crisis, we often forget to ask questions. To seek more information. To consider alternative solutions. Bellah didn’t need to go to a shelter, and her family was devastated at the thought of euthanasia. But delivering her home today after surgery, with her tail wagging and booty shaking, mastering her three legs–was THE best solution for this sweet girl and her darling family.

Please consider donating to our East Side Pet Crisis Fund to help pets like Bellah have a fighting chance.