Two years ago, Chyna was hit by a car. She laid around the house recovering for months. Her family even made a sling out of bed sheets to help her gain her strength back. She made a full recovery.

Fast forward to last week, and she went in to get spayed through our Spay/Neuter Program. The clinic noted a mass or obstruction in her colon. Chyna could eat and drink and poop, although she mostly passed loose stool for many months. The clinic recommended she see a full-service vet, and we fit her in the following week.

Hillside Animal Hospital performed an examination and x-rays to determine what was going on inside Chyna. Those x-rays showed us she was still recovering from her trauma from two years earlier.

Chyna’s colon was so compacted and constipated the vet was surprised she could walk. They found abnormalities in her pelvis–it had been broken but healed and was misaligned, which likely caused the blockage.

They treated with enemas to break up the blockage and kept her overnight a few nights to monitor. Her family missed her while she was away, and were eager for her to come home. They missed her laying at the foot of her bed every night! When Chyna returned home, she smothered them with kisses. She missed them just as much!

Chyna will need to be on stool softeners for the rest of her life and eat moist, soft food to keep her stool loose. Her family is so thankful they got her in to be spayed, and we were able to discover this blockage. Chyna feels SO much better already!

This story was made possible thanks to our East Side Pet Crisis Fund, our veterinary partner Hillside Animal Hospital, and financial support from Banfield Foundation and supporters like you!