Gigi’s mom frantically took her to the vet because she noticed blood in her urine and she was struggling to urinate. She spent the last of her money on an examination, but could not afford the x-rays needed to determine a cause. She took Gigi home and picked up the phone. She called Gateway Pet Guardians for help.

The next day, we got Gigi into one of our partner vets and covered the cost of an x-ray. The x-ray showed 4-6 large stones and a dozen smaller stones in her bladder. The stones were causing irritation, making it difficult and painful to urinate. The vet presented a few treatment plans, but ultimately, the stones needed to be removed from her body. 

We worked with Gigi’s mom to discuss treatment options, and decided on a less invasive route. Gigi was to start on a special diet that would dissolve the stones and she would pass them through her urine. Within a week of eating the special food, she started passing them! The treatment was working!

Gigi recently went in for a second x-ray, and there are still a few stones in her bladder–the larger ones that are taking longer to dissolve. She is continuing her special diet in hopes that in 3-4 more weeks, she will have passed all of the stones. 

Gigi brought her sister Foxy to her vet visit for support.

Thanks to our East Side Pet Crisis Fund, we were able to help Gigi and her mother during their time of need. This fund is reserved for helping low-income pet parents in the Metro East who need access to emergency veterinary services for their pets. With your help, we can make a difference by keeping pets with their loving owners and out of area shelters. Donate today!

This story was made possible thanks to our East Side Pet Crisis Fund, our veterinary partners, and financial support from Banfield Foundation and supporters like you!