Poor Huck was attacked by a dog, resulting in several wounds to his stomach. His family cleaned his wounds, nursed him back to health, and he made a full recovery. However, a few weeks later, his groin area swelled up suddenly. It got bigger and bigger, to the point it was the size of a coconut.

They thought he had made a full recovery, and Huck was out of the woods, but the trauma had weakened a muscle in his stomach, and he endured an inguinal hernia. His intestines pushed through the muscle wall. To fix this, Huck needed an expensive surgery.

Huck had what ended up being a very difficult surgery where they repaired his hernia and neutered him. During surgery, we discovered that not only did his intestines break through his hernia, but also his prostate and bladder. Luckily, they were able to put everything back into place–but Huck had to be hospitalized for several days to recover.

Huck just returned home to his family today, and he was so happy to see them! It made our hearts happy knowing Huck has many more years with his beloved family, thanks to our generous supporters and Gateway Pet Guardians East Side Pet Crisis Fund.

We were able to say “yes” to helping Huck thanks to this fund. Help us say “yes” to more pets in need by donating to the fund–your contribution will make a difference in the lives of both pets and their people in the Metro East St. Louis area!