Molly has been a part of the Gateway Pet Guardians family for years. She was spayed through our Spay/Neuter Program several years ago. Her owner sadly passed away last year, but her neighbors rallied together to give Molly a new home. Molly is now a shop dog, loving life and greeting everyone she meets!

On Friday, Molly went outside to go potty, and came back inside with wounds on her ear and the top of her head. Her family monitored her over the weekend, but by Monday it became a severe infection. Molly started walking with a head tilt and yelping in pain, so they called us for help. We were able to get Molly in to see our veterinary partner Four Paws Animal Hospital for veterinary care.

Molly was sedated so they could examine her wounds, and they found some puncture wounds near her head. They cleaned out the wounds and prescribed pain medication and antibiotics, and sent Molly home. Molly was so excited to see her family when she returned! She’s feeling much better, and we are so grateful that we have a strong relationship with her owners and the ability to provide veterinary care in times of need.

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This story was made possible thanks to our veterinary partner Four Paws Animal Hospital and financial support from the Banfield Foundation and supporters like you!