In May 2017, we were introduced to this adorable pup named Peanut. He had decided to rummage through the garbage and ate either a chicken bone or corn cob, and had an obstruction, requiring a visit to the emergency vet. His family was so worried, and they called Gateway Pet Guardians for help. We were able to help Peanut and his loving family using the East Side Pet Crisis Fund. This fund is reserved for community pets requiring emergency veterinary care, helping low-income families who have nowhere else to turn.

Fortunately, Peanut didn’t require surgery. The vet helped him pass the obstruction, and he went back home to the love and comfort of his family. And thanks to our Spay/Neuter Program, Peanut and his brother Grizzly were both neutered and received vaccinations and microchips.

Thanks to the East Side Pet Crisis Fund, we were able to keep Peanut in his home with his family that truly loves him. But we are only able to help families when funds are available. With your help, we can make a difference by keeping pets with their loving owners and out of area shelters. Donate today and make a difference in the lives of community pets like Peanut!