This past weekend we got a call from Animal Control about a dog that entered their facility in rough shape that was microchipped through our program. We helped track down the dog’s owner. She was so grateful to have found him, but he desperately needed help.

Prince had gone missing for two days, leaving the family in tears searching for him. We believe he experienced some sort of trauma while he went missing, causing ocular proptosis (protrusion of the eyeball) in both of his eyes, leaving him blind. Prince couldn’t find his way home. Thankfully, animal control picked him up and reunited him with his family, who then reached out for our help

Our partner vet Hillside Animal Hospital was able to get Prince in immediately. Unfortunately, we were unable to save either of his eyes, and he needed both removed. He will never be able to see again. After surgery, he had trouble eating, so they did an x-ray to see if he had additional injuries. Thankfully, the x-ray looked okay, but they found that his tail bone is severed. He will need a second surgery to amputate his tail once he is recovered.

Prince’s family is ready to take on the challenge of caring for a blind dog, and they are over the moon that he received the emergency surgery he needed to survive his injuries. However, Prince still needs YOUR help. Funds are tight with COVID-19, and we continue to receive calls requesting assistance for emergency veterinary care. We need YOU to help us say YES. Please consider donating to the East Side Pet Crisis Fund today.